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19 March 2020 (by Shaun Hopwell (adminhead))

Dear Parents

As mentioned in yesterday's letter, children will be able to access work through the school's 'Learn VLE' - our online classroom. We have set up generic logins for each class. You can find these by going to our school webiste , clicking on the 'classes' link and then finding your child's class. At the top of the class page, you will find a pdf document entitled 'Class * VLE Login Details' (the * is the name of your class). Just follow the instructions and you will gain access to that classes Learn VLE pages. The work will be placed on the 'Home Learning' page, accessed by clicking on the 'Home Learning' tab.

Currently, there is no work available as the staff are still working on populating it for you. The first pieces will be available on Monday 23 March 2020. This is the first time we have used this system, so please be patient if there are some teething troubles. You will also see on the home learning page, we have set up an email address should you wish to ask a question about the work for clarification.

As children might be spending more time on line. Below are some useful links for guidance on keeping your child safe online


If you are experiencing challenges regarding food, safeguarding or resourcing of your child's work at home at any time please contact the school through office@ email as this will be regularly checked.

Kind regards

Mr S Hopwell