School Rules

Throughout the school we intend that all teachers will talk together with the children to create a good working environment.  This is particularly important at the beginning of each new school year when new routines, systems, groups and practices are set up.

We have agreed our school rules that are clear, succinct and link to our school’s vision and values.

We put others first and show love to each other as Jesus taught us.

We listen to others and always follow instructions.

We treat each other how we would like to be treated.

We are kind and polite; we share, we include and we help others.

We are honest, forgiving and care for everyone in our school.

We try our best in everything we do.

We encourage a positive work ethic in all the children and always stress positive happenings in the classroom.


At Woods Foundation, our aim is to prepare our pupils for the life that lies ahead of them, and we believe that the explicit teaching of how we expect our children to behave is an integral part of this.

Our behaviour curriculum has been designed to build our pupils’ character, preparing them for a successful future. Through it, we teach clear expectations, routines and opportunities for all staff and children to rehearse, model and refine these behaviours. We want our pupils to understand how and why we behave and to have frequent opportunities to practise doing so, in order for these behaviours to become intrinsic in their day to day lives.

Our behaviour curriculum is designed to be accessible for all pupils and is adapted to suit the needs of all pupils including those with SEND and other additional needs as we want every child to succeed.

We were successful in our application to join the DFE Behaviour Hub programme, which is supported by the Education Development Trust. This provided our senior leadership team and school staff with the tailored support, training and advice needed to generate a lasting cultural change across our school.

Behaviour Hubs Programme

The Behaviour Hubs programme is funded by the Department for Education and founded on the principles outlined in the independent review, ‘Creating a Culture’. By developing good behaviour, routines and structures in schools, all pupils are supported in improving their engagement, mental health and wellbeing. Behaviour Hubs offers a blend of school-to-school support, along with training delivered by expert behaviour advisers – empowering schools to make sustainable and impactful changes to their behaviour culture.

Behaviour Hubs supports school leaders by helping them to create calm, safe and supportive environments with pupils in schools and ready to learn.

The Behaviour Hubs programme is fully funded by the Department for Education (DfE) and provides schools with a tailored support package aimed at improving behaviour culture. The programme matches Partner Schools, who receive support, to a Lead School that has an exemplary track record in behaviour culture. Lead Schools work in close collaboration with their Partner Schools, identifying opportunities to improve behaviour culture and develop new behaviour policies that will make a difference in the Partner School’s setting.