School Rules

Throughout the school we intend that all teachers will talk together with the children to create a good working environment.  This is particularly important at the beginning of each new school year when new routines, systems, groups and practices are set up.

We have agreed our school rules that are clear, succinct and link to our school’s vision and values.

We put others first and show love to each other as Jesus taught us.

We listen to others and always follow instructions.

We treat each other how we would like to be treated.

We are kind and polite; we share, we include and we help others.

We are honest, forgiving and care for everyone in our school.

We try our best in everything we do.

We encourage a positive work ethic in all the children and always stress positive happenings in the classroom.


Our Five Expectations:
At Woodborough Wood’s we have Five Expectations:
1. We learn to listen carefully and speak politely to everyone
2. We try to work hard in class and not interfere with the work of others
3. We move around the school quietly
4. We show respect to others, ‘hitting back’, ‘fighting’ and ‘bullying’ are not tolerated
5. We help to keep the school buildings safe, clean and tidy. Sweets, glass, bottles, sharp instruments and cans should not be brought into school.
In order to achieve the five expectations we believe that children need:
• to know what the behavioural expectations are
• to be taught responsible behaviour
• clear boundaries
• positive recognition and support