Spelling Shed

As children progress into KS2, they begin to use Spelling Shed.

Spelling Shed is part of the well-known Literacy Shed group and aims to support children with their spellings in a fun and interactive way.

Spelling Shed includes:

  • A whole-school spelling scheme, giving 100% coverage of the National Curriculum.
  • The ability to create unlimited custom lists and search for others’ lists within the platform.
  • A tablet and mobile game for students to use to practise spelling.
  • An online game, which gives access to our platform on all current desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices.
  • A teacher hub, which allows management of student records, teachers and classes.
  • The ability to set and monitor homework assignments for e.g. weekly spelling lists. (For teachers)

There is an app available to download onto phones and iPads. The cost is £2.99 but this is not essential and is not a school requirement as the games are available to play directly on line.

Children can practice set spelling rules and play games to support their learning. Teachers are able to use the program in school and monitor practice and progress when the site is used at home.